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Celebs Fave Ways to Get in Shape for the Red Carpet

16 Feb

As red carpet season approaches, celebrities start to clear their calendars so they can begin to book appointments for cosmetic procedures before they are seen up close and personal by millions of scrutinizing fans around the world. Although, as every personal assistant can attest, every celebrity’s personal choice of cosmetic procedures is different. But there are some common ones that celebrities tend to favor.

The first appointment that many famous actresses and singers make is at their favorite vein treatment center, since preferred consultants and choice times fill up quick. These appointments, to get rid of spider veins, are considered a must have for the “beautiful people” before they don the fabulous gowns (almost all of which feature a thigh high slit) at the season’s awards shows. Although the awards shows are ostensibly to honor films and actors and actresses for their performances, the statuettes have become secondary to the “best dressed” or “worst dressed” proclamations on magazine covers and newspapers the following day.

In addition to concerns about being considered poorly dressed if they wear dresses that reveal spider veins, actresses and other celebrities, also are perennially worried about appearing older than they are. In their youth obsessed line of work, many actresses are afraid of even appearing the age that they actually are. Spider veins make them look older than they want, so they must go prior to appearing on the red carpet.

Actresses and other celebrities appearing at awards shows also take special care to ensure that their skin looks as young and tight as possible. For an older celebrity, this usually means a stop at her favorite dermatologist’s office or arranging to have a dermatologist make an at home visit to administer the wrinkle stopping Botox injections. A younger actress, however, may be more concerned about her acne spots grabbing the headlines. A favorite star spot treatment is to get a cortisone shot between 12 and 24 hours prior to the awards show. The shot deflates the zit without causing an unsightly mess and leaves the starlet bump free when she hits the red carpet later that night.

Many actresses find themselves undergoing more extensive procedures prior to awards show season. If they were already contemplating cosmetic surgery, such as implants, nips, tucks, and other means of making themselves appear more svelte and young, then they will go ahead and plan to have the procedure done and their body recovered prior to the awards show season.